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The intelligent dating solution...
for single people who want to meet their match...

  • Are you still looking for that special someone to share your life with?

  • Have you ever made an instant, instinctive connection with someone on first meeting them?

  • Have you found that most traditional and online opportunities to meet potential partners are superficial?

  • Would you like to improve the odds of finding your love match?

Why not try our unique, intelligent approach to finding your ideal partner?
At TrueRapport, we are committed to helping you to meet genuine potential partners based upon the foundations of strong, healthy relationships...   We believe that lasting relationships are founded on a combination of physical, emotional and psychological affinity...

Our matchmaking approach reaches parts that other dating services don't reach...


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Physical Attributes

Geographical Location ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥
Interests ♥♥ ♥♥
Personal Aspirations ♥♥ ♥♥  
Personal Values ♥♥      
Behaviour & Communication Style ♥♥      

A general match criteria                       ♥♥A core match criteria

The matching criteria of most dating solutions are driven by physical and general characteristics, offering the opportunity to meet many potential partners, but only a few are likely to be genuine contenders for your heart...

At TrueRapport, we use detailed personal profiling to match you with others who complement your personality, your style of thinking and what's really important to you, your values... leaving you to explore this for yourselves and discover the magic of your physical chemistry...

Let us help you to save time, effort and money... and improve your chances of finding your match with TrueRapport and build that successful relationship.

...Standing out from the crowd

The intelligent dating solution...
for single people who want to meet their match...

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